Collinsville Great Streets


Since 2006, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments has partnered with communities to provide tools and resources to assist in rethinking the relationships between streets and the social and economic objectives of the community. The i5Group was part of the Collinsville Great Streets study that examined solutions for environmental infrastructure, transportation, land use, and economic development for St. Louis/Collinsville Road in Collinsville.

The focus of the study was a four day community charrette where team members worked directly with local stakeholders and community residents in developing a new vision for the corridor. Recommendations were well received by the community with priorities for short and long term actions.

Visit the plan website for more information.

The i5Group (Team members: Stephen Ibendahl, Laura Linn)

The i5Group was one of four consultants including CBB Transportation, Development Strategies, and Farr Associates.

Client: East-West Gateway Council of Governments