i5Group Firm Profile

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Urban and Community Planning

Urban and community planning provides the vision and framework for communities to grow and prosper.  The i5Group works with community officials and staff, business leaders, and neighborhood groups to create a shared community vision and tangible products that will ensure that a community’s vision is fulfilled.  Whether it is a comprehensive or neighborhood plan that sets goals and actions for the next decade or policy changes that will affect the next development review submittal, The i5Group provides multiple community and urban planning services.

 We believe any good planning process begins with listening to stakeholders to fully understand the issues and context, thorough analysis, and recommendations that are fully vetted and communicated throughout the process.

 Services include:

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Community and Neighborhood Plans

  • Land Use Planning

  • Policy and Ordinance Review and Development

  • Zoning Districts

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Public Affairs

Often planning and design are the easy part.  What is often more difficult is engaging the public, stakeholders, and elected officials.  The i5Group strongly believes that a well-executed public affairs strategy should be an integral part of planning and design.  Public affairs begins with identifying the goals of the effort and then identifying a strategy, schedule, and actions to achieve those goals.

The i5Group understands that time spent listening to a wide spectrum of stakeholders early in the process to identify key concerns, issues, and opportunities pays huge dividends later.   We engage the public, stakeholders, and elected officials in a wide variety of methods including one-on-one meetings, small group discussions, surveys, open houses, work groups, committees, social media, and printed materials to effectively listen and communicate throughout the process.

We work with communities, agencies, businesses, organizations, and neighborhood groups to develop an effective and engaging public affairs strategy..

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is both an art and a science.  It combines aspects of design, planning, and stewardship for our natural and man-made environments.

 The i5Group provides expertise in landscape architectural solutions that are context based and contribute to the vibrancy of our communities and natural environments.    We believe that sustainability is multi-faceted and that sustainable solutions create economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Services include:

  • Parks and Open Space Design and Planning

  • Trail and Greenway Planning and Design

  • Complete Streets and Pedestrian Planning

  • Green Infrastructure Strategies and Solutions

  • Streetscape Design

  • Transportation Enhancements

  • Context Sensitive Design

  • Site Planning

  • Watershed Planning