i5Group Values


interdisciplinary Planning and Design Process

We believe it takes a team to provide the best solutions. We work with a wide variety of disciplines including engineers, architects, economists, researchers, planners, and scientists (just to name a few) to provide the best solutions for our clients.


innovative Solutions

We strive to provide solutions that are innovative and creative, while being grounded in the practical needs of our clients.



Our communities and environment are connected in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s a watershed that crosses multiple jurisdictional boundaries or a multi-modal transportation system that gets us to work, these connections have profound effects on our communities and neighborhoods. We seek to leverage the benefits of natural and man-made interconnected systems.


intelligent (and practical) Policies

We develop and recommend policies that are rooted in best practices.  We strive to be innovative, but we also ensure that policy recommendations are time tested.


inclusive Decision Making

Decisions shouldn’t happen in a vacuum.  We work with our clients and stakeholders to ensure that project planning and design decisions are inclusive and clearly communicated.