Madison County Comprehensive Plan


The Madison County Plan Commission started a process in 2016 to update the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan acts as the official land use plan for unincorporated Madison County and will be used to guide future growth and act as the policy basis for land use decisions.

The i5Group facilitated the Plan Commission to review existing conditions and demographic data, identify county-wide priorities, and develop an overall framework for the comprehensive plan.

The i5Group led the overall planning process. The i5Group led a community engagement process including a county-wide survey, open houses, and a technical advisory committee. The i5Group utilized market and growth analysis to analyze possible growth scenarios for the county based on recent growth patterns versus a more community focused approach.

The framework of the plan is rooted in core county values, including Strong Communities; Prosperous Agriculture; Treasured Homes and Property; Abundant, Healthy, and Beautiful Open Spaces and Natural Resources; Prosperous Economy; Robust and Efficient Transportation Network; and Low Cost of Living.

Prime Consultant: The i5Group (Team members: Stephen Ibendahl, Sean Thomas, Laura Linn, Laura Schatzman)

Sub-Consultants: RSN Economics

Client: Madison County, Illinois